My Little Red Mittens

The last few days have been particularly challenging from my perspective as a caregiver. Mom has been lost in a sea of confusion. She does not appear to be aware of it or distressed. She continues to say things that are just not grounded in reality.

I ran into her room this morning as soon as the motion detection sensor went off. The first thing she told me was that she did not sleep in her room last night. If she had slept somewhere else, the alarms would have indicated her movement. The next thing she told me was that a man came into her room and slept in there all night. Again, if someone had come into her room, the alarms would have sounded.

Later in the day we tried to do crossword puzzles but she was too confused to process any info. The conversation turned to knitting and she was an avid and skilled knitter for decades. I told our visitor that mom had made me many mittens over the years. She looked at me and told me that she didn’t remember that. I thought that perhaps if I found a pair for her to hold, the tactile and visual stimulation would be enough to elicit a memory.FullSizeRender

I found a pair of little red mittens she had made me when I was a toddler. She held her own handiwork and looked at them for a long time before she said, “I made these for you when I was in the third grade.” Common sense would dictate that she may have meant that she made them for me when I was in the third grade. She reiterated, “I made these for you when I was seven.” But she continued to hold them as if they were strangers and I put them gently on the table and redirected the conversation.

While she ate a bit of lunch I put in a call to the doctor.  We checked for a urinary tract infection two weeks ago but I think since she gets them so frequently that it is warranted to check again.  She was checked out by the home health nurse and the occupational therapist yesterday. The consensus of opinion was that the Lewey Deposit demetia that often accompanies Parkinson’s was taking more of a toll.

Sometimes that is the way that it goes.  Hang in there. Stay calm, consistent and patient.

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