Snapshots from Today

Today I intercepted my diabetic dad as he tried to eat a dog treat, thinking it was a cookie. He still wanted to eat it after I told him it was for the dog.

I saw my mom trying to get up from the dinner table and asked her if she was ready to get up, so that I could assist. She answered that she would come whenever the dentist wanted them. I told her we didn’t have an appointment tonight. Not sure what she was thinking. We have not mentioned the dentist in ages.

She sat at the table for a few more minutes with my  dad and then she tried to get up again.  I asked her if she wanted a hand and she asked me if the foot bath was ready. We have never done a foot bath and I never figured out what she meant.

After dinner my parents usually watch a bit of TV in her room. When she is preparing to get ready for bed, she unceremoniously sends her husband down the hall to his room. She looked all about her room and then asked me where everyone and their wives went and if they went back to their apartment. I told her it was just dad in the room with us.

“Yeah, sure” she replied with sarcasm. She continued, “Now tell me, can I use this for a dressing room? What will the others do about your inheritance? Shall I tell them that they can come back in here?”

I asked her who she was speaking of.  “My husband, for one, and the prisoner.”

It was then that I realized she and my dad had been watching “The Birdman of Alcatraz” on TCM and she was blending fiction with reality with a few other things mixed in.

Mom continued to get ready for bed. She put on her robe and asked me if I thought the robe with the holes or the jacket with the holes would be better to wear. Neither has holes. They are new.  I told her the robe would be fine.

She put lotion on her hands and then slicked it through her hair. Her latest funny habit is applying hand lotion to her hair.

Some days are better than others. That is the way with Parkinson’s. You never quite know what to expect.

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