The Glass Slipper

Last night I put my mom to bed at 8 PM. Her hearing aids, glasses, water cup and slippers were all within reach. At 7:30 AM her motion detection alarm went off, indicating that her feet went over the side of her bed. I ran from my room to hers.

When I arrived, she was holding her glasses and one of the lenses was gone. How far could it go in the minute it took me to get to her room?

She, of course, had no idea where it went. She thought it went missing the night before, which was not the case. I pulled out her nightstand, took the bed apart, looked under her recliner. My husband looked around as well. No luck. I gave her an old pair of glasses to wear in the interim and fed her breakfast. Continue reading The Glass Slipper

Connecting the Dots

Two weeks ago I was sitting at the breakfast table with my mom. She can no longer take her morning meds without supervision. I helped her get them to her mouth and held her coffee for her.

My dad walked into the room with his breakfast and my mom turned to me and whispered, “How could that be my father when my father is dead?”  I did not answer.

This has been a really tough couple of weeks and we have been seeking out the help of a new neurologist who specializes in late-stage dementia. Continue reading Connecting the Dots