Connecting the Dots

Two weeks ago I was sitting at the breakfast table with my mom. She can no longer take her morning meds without supervision. I helped her get them to her mouth and held her coffee for her.

My dad walked into the room with his breakfast and my mom turned to me and whispered, “How could that be my father when my father is dead?”  I did not answer.

This has been a really tough couple of weeks and we have been seeking out the help of a new neurologist who specializes in late-stage dementia.

Fast forward to this morning and I was helping my mom get dressed. Out of the blue she accused me of always teasing her. That is one thing I never do; tease, poke fun or make jokes. Her brain can not process that properly and it would just be unkind. I immediately asked her to give me an example of what she perceived as teasing. She replied that every morning I tell her that her father is sitting at the breakfast table with us. Her father has been dead for many decades.

I can only guess that in her mind, she thought that I was saying that when she replied aloud “How can that be my father when my father is dead?”

If you pay attention to enough of the details, even though the ramblings may seem incoherent, you can sometimes figure out what they are thinking.

She is blending thoughts, TV, dreams and reality. Big time. It has been an challanging couple of weeks.

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