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Motor (Muscle) Memory

You don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, but motor, or muscle, memory is a part of everything we do. You probably open the door or curtain of the shower with the same hand every morning. ¬†You step in the shower with the same foot. You reach for whatever product it is that you use first, and wash and rinse in the same order without stopping to think about it. If you don’t feel well, you have probably also noticed that you may stumble into the shower because you stepped in with the other foot first. You may grab the soap instead of the shampoo. You feel like your game is off.

Throughout the day, your common movements are all done with muscle memory. You might grab your cell phone first and put it into your right pocket. Next you pick up the briefcase with your left hand while grabbing the car keys with the right at the same time. Muscle memory allows us to move through live with a certain fluidity without thinking about each step. There is much info available about muscle memory as it relates to playing musical instruments or exercise routines. Continue reading Motor (Muscle) Memory